Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A couple of days in the life of...

My days seem to blur together. I don't know if it's age or if it's because we have too many things going on for my little brain to wrap around.

Sunday was a bitter-sweet day. We had our really good friends (best friends in this state) over for dinner, which is always fun. But, they told us that they will have to move back to CA within the next couple of months, due to J's job, which broke our hearts. It is incredibly hard to find a family where the kids get along great with our kids and we get along great with the parents, and we hate to lose them.

On the homefront, dh found a snake on Sunday. He thinks it's a black rat snake, which is wonderful because they eat other snakes (we have some poisonous ones around), and they eat the chipmunks (who have a habit of wiping out our blueberries). The dog was curious but cautious.Monday, ds#1 was invited to a party for some of the teens in our homeschool group. Our good friends, C&D, hosted it at their beautiful farm. I always enjoy being there. It's so lovely and peaceful; and lots of fun to watch their cows, goats, chickens, donkeys, and horses. While ds#1 and I were at the party, dh took ds#2 for a hike at McCormick Creek State Park:It was a long day as we shopped after the party and stopped off to see my FIL. We're going to take it easy today and catch up on home stuff (well, me and the kids anyway; dh has to go to work). I'm just waiting to get a shower - yeah, at noon! - as soon as the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings go off.

I forgot to post this earlier, but my sister bought a planter for ds#1's birthday. Ds has been eyeing this planter for a while at our ceramics teacher's studio. It is very cool, and looks terrific in our living room! It's in the shape of a stump with shelf-fungus growing out of it.
"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924)


Anne-Marie said...

My friend's sister just got bitten by a rat snake. Apparently, it's not poisonous but be careful. It probably hurts! =)

I love the planter. It's very cute! Green plants always help a look in the house.

Diane said...

Sounds like an action packed weekend!

Snakes! Eek! Chipmunks - cute so not happy about them being eaten by snakes. BUT I do like blueberries so.....

Sorry you are losing your friends - but at least you are gaining somewhere to visit :)

Eat Well (was Teresa R) said...

A-M, thanks for the warning! A garter snake bit me one time...little bitty thing, but that hurt too. We have a healthy respect for snakes and keep our distance. ;)

Diane, I used to adore chipmunks until we got our little homestead and they started to eat all our blueberries. Actually, I don't mind as much if they ate them, but the darned chippies would pull off green berries and then drop them on the ground because they're not tasty. Wasteful behavior is what gets my goat.

CA is a great place to visit, but my poor kids won't have their best friends to play with on a regular basis anymore.

Abby said...

LOVE the planter! scott would love it...he's into mushrooms, and it always looking for reishi (also shelf mushrooms) growing off of trees.

Firefly mom said...

Sorry that your friends are moving away. I agree with you - it is *very* hard to find friends that all get along with everyone in your family.

I love that photo of your son at the state park! We're waiting for the early summer rains to let up so that we can finally get some good camping/hiking in.

Epicure68 said...

Let's hope the move back to CA is what they truly want so that at least one family can be happy. Maybe you'll meet some other family that you get along with just as well.

suzanne said...

Eeeeek....even in cyberspace your snake makes the hair on the back of my neck bristle. So, so scared.

I, too, am sorry to hear your friends are moving. My best friend recently moved to New York and it's simply no fun without her here.

Eat Well (was Teresa R) said...

Abby, we've not had luck with 'shroom hunting except for chanterelles (Ingo was the one who originally alerted us to the ones growing on our property), but I love just about every type of mushroom. We took a 'shroom walk offered by the IU Preserve one year, but are still cautious about picking wild ones.

F-M, hope you'll get some good camping in soon! We've decided that most camping places around us are far less picturesque than our own acres, so the guys may go camping on our hilltop one day. Me, I like the comforts of a soft bed and indoor plumbing. ;D

Epi, you know how likely that would be...the same odds as winning the lottery. ;>

Suzanne, sorry to scare you! We really like snakes, but I understand how they can freak some people out. Thanks for empathizing with me.

SpottedCow said...

The planter is way cute!

I'm with you on the camping, but you can keep your snakes. The whole county knows it when I've discovered one. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!