Friday, April 07, 2006

The Lone Plum Tree

Well, it's not quite alone, but sometimes, it seems like it might as well be.

Last year, it (a Shiro plum) bloomed its little heart out, with nary a blossom on its mate. Somehow, it got pollinated (we suspect wild plum trees lurked nearby that served as pollinators) and gave us some very tasty fruits. Unfortunately, raccoons, birds, and various 6 legged vermins "harvested" a bunch before we got to them.

This year, once again, it's blooming like a vision of beauty. And, amazingly, its mate also has a few blossoms on it so the bees, or whatever insect is doing the job, won't have to go as far.

Hopefully, the full-size fruit trees on the hilltop will prove more successful than the dwarf and semi-dwarf ones we have in the orchard and the original 5 acres.

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