Sunday, May 07, 2006

New chicks, lame junco

We acquired 3 new chicks from Jo in our homeschool group on Friday. They're all black australorps and about a month old. Very cute. She says they've been pecking at each other and 3 out of the 6 have died, but they've been docile since they've been here, eating lots and peeping seemingly contentedly (or as contentedly as babies without mothers can be).

I hope they (or at least two of them, since our friend Grace wants one of them to go with her other two layers) will do well with our other chickens.

We'll give them a week and see how they do before naming them. We may name one of them Vivaci II (in honor of our other australorp Vivaci, who has since been re-named Honey by Grace because it is now living with her family). Ds#1 named Viv. I like that "Vivaci" has a lithe and pretty ring to it.

Oops, forgot about writing about the lame dark-eyed junco...which alas, by Sunday (May 7th) was no longer seen around our property. To see a photo of it, go to

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