Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just a puppy afterall

Dumb dog. This morning when we went to let out the geese, she just could not resist and chased them around again, causing a loud ruckus (I hate loudness, especially in the morning). I did what the AWFA list told us to do: approach calmly and then reprimand. Well, she would not let me get near her. Every time, I got to within 3 feet, she sprinted off like a maniac (and yes, some day, many years from now, I'll look back on it and laugh). Well, after about the 4th time of that, I lost my patience and did the other thing the list recommended: threw a can near her. Didn't even slow her down. So then came my fancy sailor language.

I was going to just give her the Voice of Doom and a serious eye-to-eye at first (both also recommended by AWFA), but after working up a sweat trying to get to her...and that's hard to do when the temperature is 27 degrees Fahrenheit (when the heck will the U.S. get modern and switch to Celcius?)...I tossed her into her pen for a time-out when I finally got her.

Boy, was I hopping mad.

Then, this afternoon, when she was outside on her own, supposedly protecting the chickens from the hawks and us from the mean, old UPS guy (just kidding; our UPS guys are wonderful), I noticed the geese had made their way up to the driveway by the house.

"What the h***??!" I exclaimed. Yes, my kids are learning lots of fancy words from me. I poked my head out the sliding glass door and yelled "get off there, you d*mn geese? Where the heck is that darn dog??" And I see her then, a mere foot behind the geese, standing there as though they were the best of buddies, her and the vermins. I shouted, "Gali, go get 'em; go chase the geese?" and she just cocked her head at me like, "are you crazy? You just gave me what-for this morning when I chased the geese." So I had to go out there in the cold to chase them myself while the dog just stared at me.

And then she had the nerve to give me the baleful look when I lectured her about "chasing the geese when they're in the field and not chasing them when they're up by the house."

She and I may never understand each other.

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." ~ Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)