Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Useless dog, even more stupid door-to-door sales people

I get very annoyed when people try to sell me something at my own home, doesn't matter if they're selling books or religion or what-have-you. I feel that a person's home is truly his/her castle and I don't like it when people drive over my moat when they see that the draw-bridge is down.

A young guy supposedly studying at the University of Liverpool came to our house today. Not only did the stupid dog not bark at him (aside from the cursory 2 barks when the car came to a stop), but she totally did not read my body language which clearly stated (by the fact that I was very stiff and refused to sit down with him so he can show me the study guides he was hawking) how I felt about this intruder.

So anyway, he proceeds to ramble on, trying to put me at ease, I suppose, but really was wasting my valuable time, asking questions about the kids, their education, etc. When I told him ds#1 took a university level bird biology class, he said, "oh, that would be anthropology?" Either he's lying about going to U. of Liverpool or they have really dumb students there. I gave him a look (must have been an incredulous one) and he said, "oh wait, that's about bugs, isn't it?" And, why, on the basis of his show of intelligence, or lackthereof, would I want to buy educational guides from him??

I think I must have sighed. "No, that would be entomology. Anthropology is the study of humans and their culture. Bird biology would be ornithology."

I finally had to just come out and say, "look, we can't afford to buy these guides right now," (I refrained from saying "we obviously don't need it, but you might try reading them yourself") and added, "and even if I were interested, I'd still have to consult with my husband first." He laughed and said that most homeschooling moms make these decisions themselves, obviously trying to shame me into making a decision. Ain't gonna work; I don't shame easily that way. "We happen to educate together," I replied. He asked if there was a time he could come back when we would both be available, then he added (the lightbulb finally turning on, I suppose), "or would you rather I not?" I smiled and nodded.

He, then, had the nerve to ask if he could get something to drink, a can of something perhaps, because it was so hot out. I figure I could be nice and give him a drink; since we only have cans of good stuff, he ended up with one of my favorites, the Knudsen Mango Fandango spritzer (really, really yummy!).

We need something more "guard dog" like than this mangy mutt, who, during this uncomfortable period, was fawning over this total stranger, letting him pet her and licking his legs. Inconceivable, as the Sicilian would say.

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." ~ Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)