Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm gonna go wabbit huntin'


Or so said our fearless dog this morning. She caught what must be her 4th or 5th rabbit, and ate it with gusto. Darn dog, she is supposed to save the good meats for us. Why does she think we buy her the expensive dog foods??

Not nearly as impressive, but I sucked up a fly the size of a grape with the vacuum cleaner. Stupid thing.


I was thinking yesterday about good choices and bad choices. One friend I spoke with yesterday had, with her husband, made some good choices, and with a bit of luck, have only 5 years left on their mortgage (whereas we will have to keep paying for another 15 years due to adding this land next to us). Another friend has made a number of not-so-good choices throughout her life and is now regretting many things, including her current job, her spouse, and her location.

I think many people do that though, make choices without thinking the decision through to the end, and then they spend many years in regret or make many equally frantic and illogical choices to change the course of their actions. I know that lucky chance is involved in some of the outcomes of our choices, but one can't depend on that to bring one to a satisfying conclusion, so one really has to be more prudent in decision making.


We need to tidy up our house/property a bit for the appraiser who will be here on Tuesday. This will determine how big of a loan we can get without penalty. Waiting on pins and needles is the expression that comes to mind. It's not easy to maintain a tidy homeschooling home. We were at a homeschooling mom's house yesterday (for a co-op that she is teaching) and it was gratifying to see that while they have a beautiful Asian motif place (and they have plenty of money compared to us), their house is no less a wreck...a child-friendly wreck, mind you, because she is a certified Waldorf instructor, but a wreck nonetheless. It's good that the appraiser will be here on Tuesday, and then we can let entropy take its course in our home again. (and if dh is reading this: I'm just kidding!!!)

I am also counting down the days when my sister will be here. I'm so excited even though that is the weekend dh's bro insists on bringing their dad here so dh won't be around for her arrival. But, thanks to my dear friend, G, Epi will at least have good friends to celebrate her arrival.

Being grateful

And while we're on the subject of friends, I want to mention how grateful I am to have good in-person friends like G and C and online friends like Rosie, Abby, Kimberly, etc., who humor me and let me know that I am not just blathering in vain.

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." ~ Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)