Thursday, December 13, 2007

Warning - whining

We had to buy a dozen eggs last week. And not too long ago, we had so many, we gave them away (because, obviously, the business hasn't gotten off the ground yet). I hate it when the chickens shut down. When making sweet potato pie yesterday (and I wish we had as many eggs as we did sweet potatoes, which nobody seems to like very much in the family anyway), I used 2 of our eggs and one of the organic eggs we got from Bloomingfoods. The store-bought egg was pale yellow in stark contrast to ours which were very orange. I don't know that I would ever want to go back to store-bought eggs completely.

Gripe number 2: the hag who is the moderator on this homeschool e-list that I belong to had nixed another message that I was going to post there. It was a good article about how UC Riverside is accepting homeschool applicants on the basis of portfolios only, and it is the only UC school to do so. She sent back a terse msg saying that links like that can be put in the links section and doesn't need to be posted to the whole list.

Now, 1) she had allowed others to post links to articles on the list before (I've been on this list for at least a couple of years now, and have seen enough of those links-posts), and 2) I know from personal experience with other egroups I belong to that extremely few people actually go to read or look at anything in the Yahoo Groups website. And to prove my point, someone posted today, in regard to a question about UC acceptance on the basis of examination, "You should know that UC Riverside has a portfolio admission process for homeschoolers -- the only UC that does so. I went to their first homeschool recruitment day a couple of years ago. It was very well attended and they were very positive about what homeschoolers can bring to the table." DUH!! If the hag had let me post the link to the article a couple of weeks ago, everyone on that list would have known. Just because it wasn't my personal experience doesn't make the info less valuable to others on this list.

The third thing is, this year, in the "recommended readings/viewings" page of our holiday website, we listed two atheist books - 2 atheist resources out of 17 items; simple math will tell you that 15 of those items, or a whopping 89%, are not religion related in any way. Well, that prompted a two page letter from some gung-ho Catholic relatives who normally just sign their names on the bottom of a card. Kind of amusing, really. So, that's what it takes to get some people to actually write a letter to go with their holiday cards. What bothers me is that people feel so compelled to proselytize. People seem to assume that we just woke up one day and decided we were atheists when it had taken decades for us to reach this stage in our lives. I won't go into details, but for myself, that involved 24 years of being Catholic and partaking of more bible studies than most people have done, and for dh, it involved a lot of scientific reasoning. Both of us have given this matter lots of serious rumination; we haven't arrived at our decision lightly, but rather "enlightened-ly", and we don't appreciate the insinuation that it's a condition that can be "prayed off" as though atheism is a callus and religion is a pumice stone. I'd venture to say that the reverse is true.

As for the frouth gripe, well, I'll be emailing that to my sister.

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." ~ Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)