Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

Firefly Mom talked me into the Thursday Thirteens, with the threat of stalking me forever until I do it. ;D
So here is my first ever list. [I can't do very many graphics because our satellite connection's been horrible today.]

13 songs I’ve been known to spontaneously erupt into, in no particular order:

13) Pollyanna – as sung by Doris Day – "Everybody loves a lover. I'm a lover; everybody loves me..." How can anyone resist such a cheerful song?

12) Almost Heaven – John Denver – we used to have to drive through West Virginia a lot when we had to visit my FIL on the east coast, and I break into this song as soon as I see the state's welcome sign.

11) Spring Fever – or that's what I think it's called; I'm not sure because I don't even know what movie it came from or who sang it. I saw it on an old show, That's Entertainment, many moons ago, and it attached itself to my consciousness. "I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm..." Alliteration – maybe that's why I love it.

10) The opening song to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – "We're just two little girls from Little Rock..." One of the funniest Marilyn Monroe movies, next to Seven Year Itch. Usually, I follow it with "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," also from the movie.

9) Voi che sapete – from La Nozze di Figaro – I don't actually sing this as I know not a single word of Italian (ciao and grazi don't count), but I love to do a vocalization of the melody, which is hauntingly beautiful.

8) Crazy – Patsy Cline, and a bit of Nora Jones – an all-round great crooning song for those sadder moods.

7) Once Upon a Dream – I usually stay away from things Disney, but this is a very pretty song that is almost operatic (and I had wanted to be an opera singer for several years in my youth)

6) Oh What a Beautiful Morning – from Oklahoma, of course – it's not like I'm a Broadway musical fan, but I listened to this album a lot when I was young because my parents had the LP (Shirley Jones as Laurie). I break into this song usually in August when we drive by the ubiquitous corn fields (gee, corn fields in the mid-west…get out!) on a sunny day, to the kids’ chagrin. "...the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye! And it looks like it’s climbing way up to the sky..."

And sometimes, too, I’ll break into the Oklahoma song itself when we see hawks soaring – "...sit alone and talk, and watch the hawks making lazy circles in the skyyyy!"

5) C'etait Toi – Billy Joel – it's the only adult French song I know since I don't know any Edith Pilaf. And I only know one verse to "La Dernierre Valse." It sounds really good in the shower.

4) L-O-V-E – as sung by Nat King Cole – happy, cute ditty. I used to sing it to ds#1 all the time when he was a baby.

3) This Can't Be Love – also as sung by Nat – I can't get enough of this man's voice and his style. My version isn't quite as nice, but it's a catchy tune.

2) When I Fall in Love – Nat, again, and a touch of Rick Astley – weird, I know. Sappy, but a nice and easy vocal piece.

1) A song that I think is called "In the Morning" - no idea who sings it. A high school friend had taped it for me back around ’84 or so, and I don't think I even have the tape anymore, but it's another sad song that sounds great in the shower.

** I tried to look for some audio clips as suggested by Suzanne, but it's taking me forever, so I'll stop. :} If you go here though, you can listen to a clip of "When I Fall in Love" and other Nat songs. Mmmmmm

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