Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I want to do a list of people, dead or alive, that I've always wanted to meet. I don't hero-worship anyone, but I admire a lot of people. No one is perfect; everyone has flaws, but that doesn't make them any less admirable or interesting in various ways.

1) Isaac Asimov – I love all his books, and would have enjoyed being there for one of his famous talks, as he was known for being both witty and brilliant. 2) Hypatia – I want to ask her how it was to be a famous mathematician and philosopher (and head of the Library of Alexandria) back when men dominated the scientific world even more than they do in our times. Ds#1 named one of our chickens after her.
3) Phillis Wheatley – Her incredible life as an eventually freed slave and famous writer is awe-inspiring.4) David Attenborough – I wanna be his groupie; what else can I say?
5) Nickola Tesla – I am thoroughly intrigued (and this is way before David Bowie's very nice portrayal of him in the movie, The Prestige) by a man who opposed Edison and is at least as brilliant as – and by some accounts, even more so than – Edison.6) Marie Curie – Again, a woman scientist in a man's world, yet making it big. I want to talk to her about her research, her personal life, and how she felt when she found out she got cancer from her research.7) Mahatma Gandhi – doesn't everyone wish they could talk to him? I would like to ask him about the years that led up to his activism.
8) Richard Dawkins – Gotta love a man who is immensely logical and intelligent.
9) Hatshepsut – Way before Oprah, Hatshepsut showed us how a woman can be all powerful.10) Richard Feynman – I would have loved to learn quantum physics straight from "the horse's mouth."11) Confuscius - My dad tried hard to teach me and my sister about him, but I can't remember a thing, so I would love to meet him in person and learn.12) Leonardo da Vinci - Man, that dude takes the cake! Artist, inventor...simply amazing!13) George Clooney and Nathan Fillion – well, I'm a bit embarrassed about putting this one down since it seems like such a fluffy item, but what straight woman wouldn’t want to meet a couple of exceptionally handsome men who also seem to be such nice guys? (Of course, they don’t hold a candle to my dh who can cook, garden, and do science like nobody’s business!)Clooney, above, and photos of Fillion can be found at this link.

Ooops, forgot to add this the first time...and, yes, Firefly Mom, I did copy your text...will you forgive me?!

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