Monday, July 21, 2008

The Trip, part 1: The Views

Egads, where does my time go? Hm, weeding, taking the kids to swim lessons, library activities, trip to the IN State Museum, harvesting 10 pounds of beans, etc, etc. So I'm finally getting part of the trip photos up. My sister beat me to posting a bit about the trip. But then again, she doesn't have kids or a garden. ;>

I debated putting photos in chronological order, but then decided to post our trip by themes instead because, really, you don't want to hear about every boring detail, and the chronological order has no meaning even to us.

There's a rose garden at the west end of the University of British Columbia, our (mine, dh's, and my sister's) alma mater. I used to eat lunch here a lot with a friend of mine. It's really gorgeous and peaceful. The weather in Vancouver mimics that of England so the roses grow very well there. If my parents can grow beautiful roses, anyone can. Here's the Rose Garden:And the mountains and English Bay beyond the Rose Garden:The trees and forests in British Columbia, and around Vancouver, are simply amazing. (Trivia: Did you know that there are rainforests in British Columbia?)

The above photo and this next one was taken at Lynn Headwaters in North Vancouver:On a separate day, the guys took a hike at Lynn Headwaters again, but this time, scaling Lynn Peak, a rocky and steep climb (this was the hike my sister said she was happy not to take part in). Supposed to take 4.5 hrs but the guys did it in a little over 3 hrs.At the top of Lynn Peak - enough to give an acrophobe a heart attack:Heading back towards East Vancouver from Surrey after visiting my sister and her hubby, the clouds were low and looked cool. Here's my blurry capture from the car: A view of downtown Vancouver from the Point Grey area near the University of British Columbia:
The guys took a bike ride along the dikes at Steveston, south of Vancouver, while I had my hair done: On one of our many long hikes, we trekked all around Buntzen Lake (east of Vancouver). At the top of Mount Cypress, north of Vancouver (sort of in West Vancouver, actually)...You have to take a walk around the famous Stanley Park (we like to go to Third Beach). While at Granville Island one day, the guys took a walk around False Creek while my sister and I window shopped. Here the boys are in front of Science World: Next post, the food!

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