Friday, August 22, 2008

The "my vice" giveaway

Hello, my name is Teresa and I'm a confirmed bookaholic.

I can't resist buying books. This is my worst vice of all my vices (I also tend to hoard fabric, art supplies, yarn, soaps, soap-making supplies, sewing supplies, jewelry supplies, and recipes, but we'll talk about those some other time).

Anyway, I'm going through the bookshelves clearing books out. I plan to turn over a new leaf and get rid of at least 2 books for every new one I bring into the house. So, I'm getting rid of many of the kids' books. Hah! Just kidding.

It's a good exercise, going through my bookshelves. It helps me to realize how many books I've bought that I never even cracked open, and how many are mainly duplicates in subject matter (don't even ask how many homeschooling books I have).

While I'll be donating the used books to our library's book sale, I feel that it's a shame to donate brand new books to a used book sale. I thought some of my online friends might want them instead.

The first book I'm giving away - I'm certain there will be more to follow - is The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel.

I was just going to put everyone whose blog I normally read into the draw, but then I realize that some of you might not be interested in the book. Therefore, if you're here reading this and are interested in being entered, please post a comment! I'm going to choose a recipient at random on Sept. 7th (dh's birthday, because he'll be thrilled I'm getting rid of books...heh heh).

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924