Saturday, September 13, 2008

I feel like a mad scientist

I've been experimenting with soap for the past, oh gosh, several months, if you count the time I starting thinking about, and conceptualizing in my head, how to bring this soap idea to fruition. It was quite scientific, short of writing equations, in that I formulated the idea, did rough calculations on how much soap is needed for each stage, how much coloring to use, what coloring to use, how it should be set up, etc. etc. My head hurts just thinking back on it. ;>

But, I am thrilled to say: I finally have it done! In fact, I got it done last week, and sent a package off to Anne-Marie, the lovely owner of Bramble Berry, because she gave me the free Wasabi fragrance that was the push to my getting the idea from just a phantom in my sleep-oppressed brain (who's been reading Macbeth? Not I!) to the full-fledged product.

Mind you, it's not perfect. It has some flaws that I'm not happy with, but if I were ever to do it again, I'd know how to correct these flaws, thanks to PJ's soap kit.

So, without making you read any more of my rambling, I'd like to unveil my soap.

This is an in-progress photo. You can see that I used crinkled aluminum foil to approximate the texture of nori:The "mold" I used made a long enough log to cut into 6 pieces of "sushi", so I packaged 2 pieces each into a box. They're more the size of Futomakis than the California rolls size that I was thinking of.The next two photos are just different views.This top-view shows the contents better. The lump of "wasabi" as well as the "pickled ginger" slices are both soap. Only the plastic grass-thing and the container are not made of soap.Here's a piece of "sushi" in my hand to show you how big it is.And finally, the package that I sent to Anne-Marie. I had to stick tissue paper in there so the pickled ginger and wasabi wouldn't fly all over the place while being handled by the ever gentle (hah!) USPS.And there you have it. My creative effort, and my 4th time ever making M&P soap.

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." ~ Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)