Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life happens

You have probably guessed that there is no Thursday Thirteen from me this week. I think I'm only capable of doing a TT maybe once a month. I (our whole family, really) tend to be a bit of a non-conformist and eschew routine, which was really bad for ds#2 at first since his autism made him crave routine. On the other hand, I think that our family's avoidance of schedules has helped him learn to be more flexible, which is a great boon to his personality.

Besides, even if I liked routines, life often presents obstacles and diversions that prevent me from doing what I had planned to do.

As I was telling my sister and a friend this morning via e-mail, we were out most of the day yesterday - French lessons, library, etc. - and spent the evening harvesting onions and prepping spaces for the chickens. We moved the 3 chickens that one of our broody hens hatched in Juneto a chicken tractor that friends had bequeathed to us when they moved back to CA. Dh prepared the fowl hut that those chickens were in for the rooster chicks.This is the fowl hut, built by dh, back before it was stained to match the shed it is attached to. This was also back when we had geese (embdens, and huge pains in the derriere).This morning, we moved all the rooster chicks to the hut, spent lots of time trying to coax the other chickens to come down the ramp (they'd never seen a ramp before, and the learning curve is steep, like the ramp), harvested cherry and grape tomatoes (which the kids are now busy processing while I waste time on the computer), and spread out the onion harvest on the cement floor of our screened-in porch.We had a great crop of onions this year: red onions (Red Burgermaster, I believe), Copras (yellow onions), and Candy (sweet onions), mostly hard, large, and very tasty! I love aromatics.

I should probably start thinking about a TT theme for next month....

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924)