Monday, October 13, 2008

Food things, and other things

We had a restful weekend. Aside from hitting the Farmers Market for some honey, meats, and a blueberry plant, we mostly did work around and in the house. I wanted to do some baking even though we had a record high weekend in terms of temperature. We had one Key lime ripen, so I wanted to make lime crescents. Here's the little lime getting zested (the green zest came from store-bought limes):The crescents in the oven:Last year when I made the crescents, they were superb (I scribbled that on the recipe so I'd remember to make it again). This time, it wasn't nearly as good. Not sure why, but I suspect it may have been that not all the limes I used were ours (only the one little one). The other limes were organic ones that dh found in Kroger, but they weren't nearly as tasty.I also made Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins (shown in a dish ds#1 made in ceramics class):I baked hot dog and burger buns too. Does anyone know how to make buns look better? Mine turn out nicely after being baked (i.e. they're tasty), but they are the ugliest things before baking:I stayed up until 11pm (way past my bedtime) stringing up our chile peppers. I think they look rather like we're having Christmas in Santa Fe, don't you?Today we (3 moms and our various homeschooled kids) had a landscape painting workshop taught by a local artist, Judy Farnsworth. As usual, I completely forgot to bring my camera, and so I have no photos to post of our very fun and educational afternoon.

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." ~ Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)