Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun play, long day; Tom Kha Soup

Thanks to Meg (Get In, Hang On blog), we got to see the play, Hamlet, yesterday! It was such a great experience! I'm just bummed that we had to rush off as soon as it was done to go to one of our other homeschool co-ops; I would have loved to stay behind for the discussion afterwards.

And, look what Meg made for me: Meg does cool leather-work (I forget the term for it, if there is one), and this year, she made these very pretty tree ornament, and I happen to be one of the lucky recipients! :)

Anyway, ended up being a long day yesterday, with the play, the co-op, library run, and grocery shopping before heading home. I didn't get my word quota for NaNoWriMo in before bedtime.

Per Joanna's (Product Body blog) request, here is dh's Tom Kha recipe, with notes by dh:Tom Kha Soup

I doubt this is highly authentic, but it’s the version that I have winged after having had Tom Ka at Thai restaurants and doing a little reading. I think it’s a pretty forgiving soup, so any number of vegetables (asparagus and carrots come to mind) or meats also could be added. It usually is served with chicken, but that would be Tom Ka Kai. Enjoy.

- onion (2 medium, cut into strips)
- garlic (10-15 cloves, crushed and chopped)
- ginger or galangal (cut into strips or medallions to be removed, or minced)
- Thai red curry paste (comes in small 4 oz. cans, use 1/3-1/2 of the can)
- vegetable stock (1-2 qts, I prefer Imagine brand) – can also use chicken stock if not making vegan version
- coconut milk (1 14 oz. can)
- tofu (1 lb, cut into strips)
- green beans, julienned carrots, julienned bell peppers, etc, whatever you want for taste and color
- Kaffir lime leaves (10-15, I keep these in the freezer)
- lemon grass (if you have it -- it’s in the curry paste, so I don’t always bother)
- juice of 1 large lemon or several limes
- sugar (a few pinches)
- cilantro leaves (can also use stems with onion/garlic sauté)
- splash of fish sauce for taste if not making vegan version [note by Teresa]

Sauté onion, garlic, and ginger in oil and pinch of salt for a few minutes (I like to keep a bit of crunch in the onions). Add curry paste and sauté for another minute. Add stock and tofu and a few splashes of water. Bring to simmer. Add green beans (or other vegetables), coconut milk, and lime leaves. Bring to simmer. Keep at simmer or below for 10-15 minutes. Turn off and add a few pinches of sugar and the lemon juice. Remove ginger and lime leaves, if desired. Garnish with cilantro leaves.

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