Thursday, August 25, 2011


Announcement #1

My sister did it! She has started her own biz making super adorable soaps! Check out her creations at Soap Sudsations. Here are a couple of her soaps that I'm in love with:
(Just in time for Halloween too!)

Announcement #2

At another blog that I frequent, the author said that she was turning off comment capability due to too much spam. I've actually been pretty lucky and have not had spam (though occasionally I'll crave Spam), but her decision got me to thinking that I should turn off my comments too.  One, I'm a compulsive answerer and turning off comments will save me from having to answer every comment; and, two, people are busy enough and can barely find time to read this blog, let alone comment, so I'll save them from feeling guilty for not commenting because I am that kind of a generous, thoughtful person...heh.

Of course, you can still contact me via Facebook or Twitter (if you know me at those places) or at birders4-blogger (at) yahoo (dot) com - taking out spaces and putting in the appropriate at and dot symbols. Or not. Totally understand if you don't wanna talk to me!

On to other topics...I realized that I hadn't written an update on my progress for my New Year's resolutions. Honestly, it's not that I've been slacking off. In the past couple of months, I've knitted a face cloth (easy, I know, but it still took time), and a pair of socks with the beautiful yarn that dear Tanya O. bought for me (little Sage chose the color):

Currently, I'm starting to work on knitting a rug with the wool that Robin gave away at Rurification.  I'm sort of winging it, but hope that it'll mostly turn out all right.  :}  As well, I'm taking some online classes from Craftsy - sock knitting (to learn a different technique), jewelry making (to hone my skills), and basic crochet (to have a refresher course that's available 24/7...I'm hoping to take another class with Robin, but I can't have her 24/7.  ;>  )

I have fallen behind on my sewing projects, I'll admit. But my plan is to sew some bags for my sister's soaps. I love easy projects with satisfying results.

Also pretty easy, but takes forever, is canning tomatoes. We did our first batch of 13.5 quarts:

Then, too, I've starting making fresh pasta! Next up, I'll post a little tutorial on how I did it.

How about you? Have you kept up with your New Year's resolutions?

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams