Monday, December 26, 2011

Looking forward

Today is Boxing Day in Canada and also the day of my last post for the year 2011. This year, I won't bemoan the speed at which the year passed by (because I think I'd already done it enough during the year, and in most of my emails to friends).

Instead, I'll leap right to the part where I publicly humiliate myself again by telling you what I intend to accomplish for 2012.

I'd already mentioned one of my plans on my other blog (which is not as scary as Coraline's Other Mother) - to take the entries in the book "The Skeptic's Dictionary" and write a speculative-fiction (the genre formerly known as science fiction in my world) short story inspired by each entry.
Another plan I have for the year is to do a bird drawing each day. A colleague of hubby's gave our boys an old page-a-day calendar a couple of years ago thinking that the boys would like to check out those birds. We have about 6 bird identification guides (and many more encyclopedic bird books that weigh enough to kill small animals) that Son1 studies religiously, so the loose pages of an old calendar doesn't do much for him. Therefore, I'm going to use those pages to sketch a bird a day from, like artists go to the Louvre to copy the works of old masters to hone their own skills by. The art in this calendar is by David Sibley, and he's considered a master in the bird art world. I'm really bad about knowing what to draw and being inspired enough to do it, so this should work out well for me...provided I actually keep up with it.
As for knitting, sewing and crocheting, I'll go easier on myself this year: if I finish 4 projects total, depending on the size of the project, I'll call it a good year.

Hubby has grand plans for 2012 too, not the least of which is eating Vegemite every single day. It's good to dream big.
How about you? Any major goal(s) you want to accomplish for the next year?

Have a safe and fun New Year's...and see you on the flip side!

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams