Monday, January 21, 2013

An Open Sketchbook Design Studio

I have very talented friends. I think I surround myself with talented people on purpose so that I can be inspired by them. And, as much as I can, when I can, I like to support my talented friends, not just because they're my friends, but also because I love supporting indie artists (which includes writers) and artisans.

This week, I'd like to introduce you to Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera who have recently launched their new venture, An Open Sketchbook Design Studio. I first met Suzanne - back before she was Mrs. Cabrera - online not long after I started blogging, so, goodness, it must be 6 or more years now.

I have always loved her art, which is both elegant and beautiful. I think the best way to describe Suzanne's style is "chic retro," and Edgar's style as "wild and whimsical" but you check out their blog and decide for yourself!

Suzanne and Edgar both teach art, and in their spare time (as if!), they were able to birth a couple of beautiful babies (adorable twins, Max and Miles) and a brand new business. They are a pretty amazing couple.

When I saw their fabulous Valentine cards offering, I just had to get a couple even though I don't think I have ever sent a Valentine card to anyone (grade school exchanges notwithstanding). I also bought a box of the cutest inspirational cards. Check out my purchase!
Suzanne and Edgar also threw in some bonus goodies. You must click on the photo above to enlarge it to see their illustrations. You'll fall in love with their art too!

See what else they're offering at their shop, An Open Sketchbook.

Do you shop indie? Care to share one of your favorite small biz or indie shop?

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