Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brain Farts (and Gripes) Day

I have a bunch of random thoughts and needed to write them down.

Firstly: Amazing!! It only took one washing to get the musty smell from my parents' house out of our clothes. (My hair is another story, but I'm going to get it chopped off on Tuesday.) It takes no less than 3 washings to get the smell from dh's dad's house out of our clothes (and hair!). Dh says it's because we had the windows open at my folk's the whole time. It helped to have gorgeous weather while in Vancouver.

Secondly: my sister agrees with me on this, but it could just be that she loves me unconditionally and is a wonderfully agreeable person. ;) I'd certainly appreciate someone else's opinion. Dh and I are hosting the department farewell party for this colleague of his. This guy asked dh if he/his family can invite several other families that are not affiliated with the department, nor the university for that matter. Dh, who is a soft touch anyway but has also known this fellow for a number of years, couldn't say no of course. I hate to be not generous, but this guy (and his family) has been more of an inconvenience to our lives throughout the years than he has enhanced it, so I feel somewhat annoyed. We, not the department, are paying for all the liquor, drinks, and food, but that is beside the point. Does anyone else feel that he is being tacky?

On a somewhat related note, dh sent out invitations via e-mail and the invites said to "RSVP". Well, guess what? People either are totally clueless or lack the social graces to know what RSVP means. He received a small number of replies, but yet, when he met up with someone who hadn't responded, that person invariably said he/she would be showing up. Uh, which part of "respondez" did they not understand??

Thirdly: a gal at CafeMom complained in a journal post not too long ago about the fact that she spends a lot of time being nice to other moms there, replying to their posts, visiting their homepages to leave messages, and even spending extra time doing research to help answer their questions/problems, and those moms, with the exception of me (yes, she specifically said that...see, I am a sweet person despite what you may think after reading the above paragraph), never bother to reciprocate these niceties. Well, I must say I have the same complaint about some of the people in our homeschool group. I bust my butt to answer their questions in a timely fashion, volunteer (more than one likely should) for key positions that help the group run smoothly, and even give them feedback outside of the homeschooling realm (which often eats into my own free time), and yet rarely do I get an acknowledgement, let alone thanks for my hard work and good-will. Our friend, Carol, can attest to their boorish behavior. Maybe it's because some people think that unless a favor is granted in person, it doesn't count as a favor. Certainly, other members think these boorish members are lovely people, probably because they only interact in person.

I hope I got my crochetiness out of the way for the day. As the hostess, I have to plaster on that grin tonight and act gracious. Even though my system is sensitive to alcohol, I may have to imbibe tonight. Wish my sister were here to mix some drinks for me. She made a delish variation of a Pink Lady for me when we visited her.

p.s. this is the perfect chance to find out if my sis's hypothesis works: you diss somone on your blog and that guarantees that person will read it. I'm betting it doesn't. *grin*

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." ~ Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)