Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nothing is ever simple

This is a message I posted to today:

We wanted to buy high speed internet service and decided to go through our current satellite dish provider, DirectTV. Apparently, DirectTV provides high-speed internet through another company called WildBlue, which then contracts out to BuyTelco. We were charged twice on our Visa for the installation (before anything was actually installed). When I called WildBlue to get the duplicate charge taken off, they said they couldn't do that, and that I need to talk to BuyTelco to get it taken care of.

They gave me a number for BuyTelco (1-866-466-2931), which I called but found that it was no longer in service. So I called WildBlue back, and they gave me two more numbers to try (305-265-0136 – no answer; and 786-837-6808 – msg: “this subscriber’s mailbox is full and is unable to accept any more messages at this time.”).

By this time, I decided to go through my credit card company. The first representative wasn't very helpful. He gave me yet another number (305-384-4156) which was also not in service.

I called Bank of America back, and the second rep was quite helpful, passing me along to their billing disputes dept. The woman who was in that dept took the duplicate charge off, and then she did a 3 way call to BuyTelco and walked through the steps with me.

We never did get to speak to a real person, but the automated system said that BuyTelco supposedly has our order and supposedly will be providing our service. However, I am highly doubtful since a company with 4 non-working numbers is definitely suspect.

I would advise anyone wanting to get high speed internet service to steer clear of any company offering it through BuyTelCo. (

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