Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Update on my complaint about BuyTelco

I am so floored by this - I'd never heard of The Complaints Board before; I thought it was just a public whine forum - you know, no solutions, really, but a good sounding board to warn others. Well, it turns out they are amazingly effective! I highly recommend airing your grievances through them (well, I hope you'll never have grievances to air, but if you do...) I received the following e-mail today, as well as the following response on the Board itself (below below...LOL!)::

E-Mail from "Scott Shaw" to "Teresa ...." at ....@yahoo.com on www.complaintsboard.com


Tue, 04 Sep 2007 07:17:22 -0700


Ms. ....,

I apologize for your issues trying to get in touch with BuyTelco. We are really a software company with 40 or so employees, so it has been difficult trying to support all the customers that Wild Blue and Directv were throwing at us. The reality is that we were just holding down this function until Directv was ready to take it over. The transition has now been completed so the customer service process now has one less company involved and should be more straightforward. If you need anything from me please give me a call or e-mail at sshaw@acceller.com...I would be happy to assist you.


If you think that you recieved this E-mail by mistake, please report it to complaintsboard@gmail.com, administrator staff.


I work for BuyTelco (Acceller, Inc.) and handle the calls at the 786-837-6808 #. It is unfortunate that this customer has had a bad experience trying to contact our organization and i apologize for that. Last week we were in the process of transitioning the charge function to Directv to take advantage of their vast support resources. We temporarily provided this service for them until they were ready to take over charging for the equipment and providing customer support for the Wild Blue internet products. Our primary function is as a software company and facilitator of broadband services to the public. Directv partners with us to provide it's customers broadband services at a discount to the prevailing prices in the market. That transition has now been completed and customers will no longer be charged by BuyTelco when ordering services directly from Directv. Customers can expect a much easier time with technical support and pricing issues with the numerous experienced support teams that Directv maintains at it's call centers. Last week was a busy week and my Voice Mail filled up a few times. For those customers that were inconveninced because of this I am truly sorry. I would encourage those interested in Directv and Wild Blue to give the process another shot at 888-777-2454. Although equipment lead times are a little long right now, the customer care issues should be resolved...Feel free to contact me with questions...

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