Sunday, February 24, 2008

Haircuts, organics, and good food

Ever since the first haircut I gave dh nearly 19 years ago, when I thought we were going to kill each other and you'd hear about us in the evening news, I have been the family barber. It's gotten so easy with dh that I can give him a cut in about 15 minutes or less (helps that there is less to cut these days...haha). With the kids, it's a bit more difficult. I feel like I spend an hour or so saying, "sit up straight" and "don't squirm" ad nauseum. But, they're getting better as they age, and I think all the time of the money we save each year with me cutting their hair. Dh usually helps me trim mine. I go to a hairdresser about once every 4-5 years these days. I plan to grow my hair long again so that I can just tie it back and not fuss with it. My sister thinks I look less severe with the shorter bob that I sport between long hair, but I think I look better with long hair tied back. Not too severe, I don't think...

Organic sheets
I've been trying to switch over the organic bedding a bit at a time. The cost would be prohibitive if I did it all at once. Whenever I find a sale, I try to replace a set. I missed the Lifekind sale this year, but Gaiam is having one right now, so with the addition of a $20 off coupon, I bought a set of flannels for the kids.

I'd bought me and dh a set a short while back, and it is really the cutest thing, and so very warm too:

Good Food
I love weekends not just because we have at least one day where we can sleep in a bit and not have to rush to anywhere, but mainly because dh doesn't have to go to work and can cook up a storm. This weekend, he made ham-lentil soup, pumpkin bisque, and Tom Ga and we made quiche together. He makes the best version of Tom Ga Gai, either vegetarian (without the gai, that is, chicken) or vegan (without fish sauce and gai). I love that soup. I have been known to eat it as breakfast, lunch and dinner in one day.

Our chickens are now upping production, and we've had a record 6 eggs (from 8 chickens) on Thursday. Today we got 5 eggs. Anyway, with that many eggs, we can make quiche. We all love quiche. I love the whole wheat oil crust (the best recipe is in the Good Housekeeping cookbook) as much as the filling. It's not a difficult recipe at all, and I'm always amazed at how crunchy and flakey the crust is even underneath a layer of moist filling.

"Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." ~ William James (1842 - 1910)