Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fun birding day

(image from

Dh wanted to go away somewhere for Spring Break - he's feeling a bit burned out - but we decided it was best to just plan a day trip. As it turned out, that was a good decision. Dh's dad ended up having to go to the hospital after some minor tests and dh had to spend a lot of time dealing with that.

But luckily, it still worked out for a really lovely day trip to go birding yesterday. We went to the Goose Pond area, with a quick lunch at Sarge's Smokehouse.

It was sunny, and fairly warm, although the morning was still chilly, especially with the breeze. Overall, a lovely day for birding.

We saw about 35 species in total, with highlights of horned larks (see photo above), a golden eagle, field sparrows, savannah sparrows (both were lifers for us, I think), blue-winged teals, green-winged teals, thousands upon thousands of pintail ducks, and a bald eagle. Wish we got to see more sandhill cranes than we did, and a shrike would have made our day, but I can't complain about the birds we did see.

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