Saturday, March 01, 2008

Love those indie bizes!

I received an order from The Laundress a few days ago. They were featured in a recent issue of Domino magazine, and since I'm always in need of laundry detergent, I thought I'd give them a try. While I am happy with my purchase (I'll be using it for the first time today), I can't help but reflect on the difference between smaller/indie/Etsy businesses versus the big name companies, or even companies that have gotten too big to be personal.

Hardly any communication goes on with the "big" companies, whereas the smaller/indie (that I'll just call indie for the remainder of the post) businesses all have a nice little thank-you message, even if it's a canned one.

Nearly all big companies don't go out of their way to see to your satisfaction, whereas the indies are pretty good about customer service and try to make sure you're purchase is as you expected and that you are happy with your experience.

The big companies send you their products, with maybe some propaganda about their own companies, and that's it. Indies send you the products, plus a little something extra - like an art-heart magnet, a sweet wooden soap dish, and samples of soaps, scents, hand-cream. It's almost like a mini-birthday surprise when I get packages from indies.

Here's to all the wonderful smaller/indie bizes I've recently purchased from: Suzanne Buchanan, Bramble Berry, Product Body, Savonara, The Soap Smith, Under the Willow Gifts, and Birch Bark Soap.

I have to note that Bramble Berry is not so small, but they have terrific customer service and are so approachable.

The ladies who run/own these businesses (and their employees) are the best!

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