Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

The Thirteen Faces of Me

Now before you go thinking I have multiple personality disorder, I am merely referring to the many different roles we all play in our daily lives or the different faces we present to the world. So here are some of mine:

1) The Canadian me (the flag's a bit distorted). The U.S. doesn't recognize dual citizenship, but in Canada, I'm still considered a Canajun! The photo is of the dh and the boys riding bikes in Steveston, BC.2) The writer me. I didn't manage to finish Nanowrimo last year, but I'm still getting reprint checks (or cheques, for the Canadians) for previously published works, which is even better.3) This could be the artist me or the nature-lover me. This is my charcoal drawing of an anole.4) The mom me; this is a sketch of one of my boys from several years back.5) The cat-lover me. This is a drawing of an old cat of mine, Willow.6) The birder me. It's a colored pencil piece of a common yellow-throat.7) The homesteader-wanna-be me. No homestead is complete without chickens. These girls were our very first batch.8) The chicken-herder me. Ok, so I love chickens so much that I had to put 2 photos of them here. ;) This is CH (or Chicken Hawk for those of you who are Merry Melodies or Foghorn Leghorn fans). He has since gone to live with friends of ours because we already had a rooster.9) The baker me. A friend told me I should open a "on a whim" bakery, making goods to sell when I feel like it.10) The knitter/crafter me. I just love to create things. But more than that, I hate not having something to do with my hands whenever I have to sit and watch a movie or TV show. This was one of the first pairs of socks I ever made. Ds#2 was wearing it.11) The sci-fi me. I was raised on Star Trek: The Original Series, and enjoy most sci-fi, with some of my favorites being Asimov's books, Alien (the movie), and Firefly (the best Joss Whedon creation ever, and that's saying a lot!).And completely for fun...
12) The LEGO me:
and, 13) The me:
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"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924)