Friday, June 27, 2008

Last post before vacation

I woke up this morning with half my hand swollen, and the finger that was bitten was red and itchy and unable to bend. I decided that it was time to see a doctor. I called my friend G to let her know we may be home a bit late for the playdate for our kids, and when she found out why, sweetheart that she is, she insisted on driving me. Geez, I'll miss her and her family when they move back to the West Coast.

The doc said that I have tenosynovitis resulting from the bite and put a restraint on my hand so that I wouldn't be able to move my knuckles. He wanted the tendons there to be immobile so the sheath can heal better. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything smaller, so I have what looks like a full-arm cast. Plus, it doesn't extend out far enough so I improvised a splint with popsicle sticks and bandages.The band-aid on my upper arm is where they gave me a tetanus shot. I also have to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. A close up of my arm will show you why it now takes me 4 times as long to type something (and I can barely hand-write).Given my inconvenient condition, I won't bother with any more posts before we head for vacation next week. I'll try and visit people's blogs though, :)

But enough about me, let's talk about the soaps I received! ;)

Because I was running out of Joanna's incredible Crush On You scrubs, I had to order more:Wonderful Joanna added 2 extra goodies that I've been eying at her Etsy store (alas, these soaps are not listed when I checked tonight, but there are other great things there): the Pink Grapefruit Parfait soap, which is totally dreamyand the Strawberry Banana soap which looked and smelled so much like dessert, I decided to photograph it as dessert.I have to let this one cure a bit more so I'll bring it with me to Vancouver to use, but I've been enjoying the Parfait soap immensely. Thanks, Joanna!

Ok, typing this has been pure torture, so gotta go. See y'all in a few weeks!

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924)