Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I will admit to being lame this week with the TT. I had thought about it in advance, but didn't get to it, and then I was bitten by some insect from heck last nite. I took a Benadryl (something I hate to do usually) and 2 Tylenols, and my right ring finger is still a huge, throbbing, swollen mess, making it hard to type. The Benadryl (non-drowsy my butt!) has put me in a haze.

I was going to blog about Joanna's lovely soap last night, but that will have to wait until tomorrow now.

Well, here goes nothing: FOOD!
13 foods that I can eat every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of ~

1. Badenjan borani - The Afghan Horsemen in Vancouver, BC makes the best one, but dh is perfecting his version.

2. Roast duck - Chinese style. It's celebration food but life is so good, I can celebrate with that every day! ;)

3. Tiramisu - if there is a more perfect dessert, I have yet to hear of it.

4. Sushi - love them all except maybe sea urchin (looks like and tastes like cow brains...ick). I've never tried pufferfish though.

5. Pomelos - Asian grapefruit. I'm not all about fried, greasy foods after all.

6. Fried chicken - and speaking of fried, greasy foods....

7. Salmon - wild caught, natch. I love it in any form: grilled, poached, raw...oooh, especially raw!

8. Dim sum - ok, I'm cheating because this encompasses a whole range of foods that is served at this type of meal. Vancouver probably has the best dim sum places outside of Hong Kong and China.

9. Shrimp, lobster, shellfish in general - Yum yum!

10. Anchovies - yeah, seafood trend. Black Lab Bakery in Wilmington, DE makes the most scrumptious anchovy foccacia.

11. Lamb kebabs - Greek or Afghan style, equally fabulous.

12. Calamari - oh, I had the most delicious plateful on the Isle of Aegina, Greece.

13. Asparagus with butter - freshly picked from our garden.

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