Friday, June 13, 2008

Never ending chores

The boys and I spent a couple of hours weeding and harvesting this morning. Luckily, we got up early enough so that it was only 10:40 by the time we came back into the house. I topped that off by doing a short walk/run on the treadmill before my shower. The machine told me I had burned off 145 calories, but I eat about that much in one snacking period! I think I need to exercise more.

We got our first harvest of green beans today! They grew well in the green house. I'm so excited; we'd run out of our green beans (frozen) from last year for a couple of months now.

A word about weeding, I honestly think that a gardener/weeder's best friend is the Circle Hoe. It probably cuts the amount of weeding time in half. I wouldn't weed without that, and the dandelion tool.

We took some photos of Gaia and her chicks a couple of days ago. Here's a pretty good one of her trying to show them how to eat:Today, I put them outside of the "fowl hut" for the first time. The chicks seemed a little lost, and I figured the grass was probably too cold on their little fuzzy butts, so I put them back inside after a couple of minutes. It was about 78 degrees and humid, and I was dripping sweat, so it's hard to believe anything could be cold, but they're just iddle-bitty things. ;)Ds#1 took a photo of Attila the Hen that previous evening. Attila is one of the chicks that Gaia hatched out last year. She's on the small side, probably because our friends' rooster (who had fertilized Gaia last year...Gaia was our friends' hen until C got tired of Gaia being constantly broody) has bantam blood in him. Attila is a fierce one though ("crazy" is the term we had used). She was born during a time when we were out of town. Our neighbor/friends helped to give them food and water, but weren't handling the chicks to get them used to people, so Attila and her litter-mate, Hypatia, were, and still are to some extent, extremely skittish, and scream like girls if you try to pick them up.
And I threw this next photo in just because Gali was being so cute. ;)And on a totally unrelated topic, but one that is applicable to every day of my life, there is a great entry in today's The Happiness Project blog that I think others might enjoy too.

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924)