Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Wine-Knee clarification

Since inquiring minds want to know, I'll give a fuller explanation of the wine bottle hitting my knee story here. ;)

Dh had brought the bottle up from the downstairs fridge and handed it to me to put into the upstairs fridge. Because of the condensation that started forming, the bottle was a tad slippery, and it didn't help that I was holding it not at the stable point (the neck), but rather right where the neck widened into the body. So, as I raised it to put it on the top shelf, it slipped from my hand (yes, it was full and unopened and therefore extra heavy) and fell.

My first thought was "oh no! it's going to shatter on the ground," so I instinctively put my knee up to break the fall. As I said to Marr, I should probably have thought about the cost of fixing a broken knee versus a broken bottle of wine, however good it may be. Anyway, after the bottle made contact with my poor knee, it bounced off and hit my ankle for good measure before dropping, unscathed, on the floor.

Someone remarked to me that at least neither bottle nor knee were broken, but you know what? For the first 2 minutes after impact, when I was writhing on the floor in absolute pain, I wasn't too sure that my knee wasn't broken.

In the photo from my previous post on this topic, the bottle was, indeed, empty, as Gracefruit may have guessed. I didn't think to take a picture until after we drank it all, and after I could put weight on that leg again.

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