Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Monster mish-Mash

Since I'm not blogging as regularly, I have to cover several disparate topics when I do finally post. If I were as eloquent as Diane (Much of a Muchness), I could do it seamlessly and effortless, with plenty of humor. Diane often weaves very different subjects together into coherent and hilarious posts. Since I'm not Diane, you'll just have to bear with me.

First topic at hand prize from Heather (Twin Birch Bath And Body) arrived today!! Feast your eyes on this beautiful package:And the inside was even lovelier!Thank you, Heather!!! Your wonderful giveaways every Friday have been the highlight of many people's lives; thank you for spreading such joy!

I also want to thank Carrie, Ms. Oikology herself, for a very sweet friendship award! Aw, shucks...*kicks dirt with toes*On a totally different topic,Heidi (Soapaholics Anonymous) wanted my almond cookies recipe, so here it is.

Almond Cookies

2.5 C flour
1 C sugar
1/2 t baking soda
1 C butter
2 eggs, beaten
1/8 t salt
1 T almond extract
1/4 lb whole, blanched almonds

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. In food processor, mix flour, sugar, butter, salt, and bakind soda until it forms little balls. Add eggs and extract. Roll out dough on floured surface. Cut with 2.5 inch cookiey cutter. Put on greased cookie sheet. Place amond in center of each cookie. Bake for 25 minutes.

Now, that was the recipe verbatim...BUT, it's not very exact. It doesn't tell you, for instance, how thick to roll the dough out. I'd suggest not rolling it out too thin since the almond won't adhere very well if the cookie is too thin. Basically, you'll need your baking know-how to make sure it goes well. :} Good luck!

Since it was a cold, cloudy day today, I made some excuses to keep the oven on, without doing much work, and that included having Quorn Nuggets (faux meat nuggets) for lunch, and baking sweet potatoes to make pulp for pie later. Speaking of our veggies, dh had harvested the cabbages over the weekend and made saurkraut last night. 'Kraut has been a family tradition for a long time. Dh uses the equipment handed down from his great-grandfather - the stomper, the slicer. Since I forgot to take photos this time, I'll just show you a couple of pictures from several years ago. The first is of the unprocessed heads:And this is what it looks like fermenting in the crock:We're still making some soaps for a holiday sale. Oddly enough, the Monkeyand the Cathave been popular (over LEGOs??). I can't understand it.

And lastly, on the National Novel Writing Month front, I've caught up and surpassed the quotas for the day for a few days now - only by a couple hundred word, but I'm so excited!

Hope everyone has been having a good week! I know mine's been fun in that crazy, blurred-days-passing-by way. :)

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet." ~ James Oppenheim