Sunday, November 16, 2008


Life is usually pretty sweet, although I'm too grumpy or tired to notice it 70% of the time. Here are the latest examples of how sweet life can be...

1) Naming a special soap. Carrie at Under the Willow Gifts has a lovely Mud Puddle Girl theme, with faerie soaps to match. She had a naming contest for the fourth faerie soap, and I won with "Nurture Girl". Dear Carrie-Gigi sent me my very own Nurture Girl!!It has an incredible scent and is so feminine and pretty. You can find them at Carrie's Etsy shop, and Carrie's other amazing creations at her Under the Willow Shoppe!

2) Getting an award.. Michelle of the delightful Chocolate and Marmalade Tea blog bestowed a Kreativ Blogger award on me.The rules of the award are to list 6 fun things about me and then pass it along to 6 other deserving bloggers. I can't list just 6 because everyone who visits my blog is very creative. I think it's a prerequisite to being a blogger, really. And many of the visitors are not only creative bloggers, but also do other creative things on the side...sometimes tons of other stuff, like making books, soaps, knitted wear, great foods, fab art, etc. So, nope, can't name 6 people, but let it be known that I think you are all superbly creative. :)

As for 6 fun things about me...hmm, I'm not that fun of a person, so I'll just list 6 random things.

i) I used to love watching horror movies when I was about 7 to the chagrin of my cousins whom I used to spend weekends with.
ii) I was stuck in the It's a Small World ride at Disneyland when I was 19...for about 15 minutes, which is one of the reasons why I will not bring the kids to Disney anything.
iii) We almost named ds#1 "Chance" after a character on a show (Strange Luck, I think it was called) that spun off of The X-Files.
iv) I used to get sick several times a year when I was a child in Hong Kong, but as soon as we moved to Canada, I got sick only once or twice a year.
v) The only joke I can ever remember is one that I can't tell in polite company.
vi) Lately, when I'm lying down, it feels like I'm breathing in water...I think I should go see a doctor.

3) Soaps that even my kids like. Got a bar of the delectable Mocha Espresso Soap from the multi-talented Joanna (Product Body blog)! .Oh, baby! My younger son, who doesn't talk too much about his likes and dislikes, told me how much he liked this soap. Go and get one for yourself; you won't be disappointed

4) Soup is good food. Because Joanna mentioned tom kha gai soup in her Soap Bar blog, I got a hankering for it, and asked dh to make some for me, which he did today. It's actually tom kha, the vegan form:(In an ironic twist, after having our vegan and vegetarian (he also made potato leek) soups for lunch, we went out and culled a bunch of chickens.)

5) Ranking is not just for the military. There was some talk about page rankings on TwitterMoms, which got me really curious. I'd never bothered to check the rank of my blog before because I do it for fun. But, off I went to and discovered I rated a 4 out of 10, which apparently is pretty darned good. Who knew? That's all for now, folks. I hope not to be back to blogging until I've caught up on NaNoWriMo again. I let myself play over the weekend (visiting my blogging friends, etc), and now I'm officially behind. Have a wonderful week, and don't forget about the Green Holiday Giveaway!

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet." ~ James Oppenheim