Saturday, September 19, 2009

The autumn garden

Around this time every year, we would drive around and see gardens that are either totally overgrown with weeds that they look more like the Amazonian jungle, or harvested, tilled over and bare. And dh would exclaim "what? I can't believe they're not planting their fall garden!" He's so predictable in his old age (just kidding, dear!).

So what goes in a fall garden? For us, it's a number of things. Let me give you a little tour again.

Taking a peek inside the greenhouse, you can see our carpet of cilantro which dh is replacing (or has replaced) with leeks and broccoli, and will later replace those with spinach, which will, hopefully, last all winter. Oh, and there's a squash plant in the corner.In the main garden, this is a bed that contains kohlrabi (front), spinach, and various lettuce:
A close up view of the lettuce mix and the spinach next to it:
Our celery has done well again this year:
In the front bed, we have frisee on the left, and Chinese (napa) cabbage on the right. Behind that is a bed of kale (left) and broccoli. And then in various beds behind that are beets, daikon, leeks, and more broccoli:
A close up of that bed with the beets and daikon (behind it, you can see our spent green beans bed and some old kale and dying tomato plants behind that):
A close up of the Hungarian yellow pepper (at least that's what we think it is):
A bunch of Asian greens are sprouting, some gai lan, some red bok choy:
This is the bed we worked so hard on last weekend to clear out all the old summer crops (such as corn, green beans, edamame). It's now ready to be planted next spring:
One of our surviving watermelons...we've not had as good a crop as some years:
Dino, one of our younger hens hatched out by Gaia, who is broody again. (We have Gaia sitting on about 14 eggs and hope a few will hatch...if our rooster did his job.)
A view of our driveway looking from the road:
One of our ugly, but tasty, apples:
Are any of you having a fall garden? If so, what are you growing?

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams