Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's up (and growing), doc?

It's pretty obvious that I don't take garden photos as beautifully as Amber, or Cake, or Allison, so I should stop apologizing for the quality of my photos. But, I do want to mention that these in this post are extra bad because I was using my iPhone and some of the pics were taken near sunset on a partly cloudy day (they came out rather purple).

Looking into the greenhouse, here are the adorable tomato plants that a dear friend, TO, gave us:Some bok choi and choi sum, with cilantro and mache trying to compete:
The cilantro and kale going nuts and going to seed among a few leeks:
From back to front: gai lan, chinese cabbage, and frisee.
The onions, grown from seed, finally planted after some very wet weather:
Dill among the carrots; can you even tell which is which?
Garlic: looking good, baby!
This bed of strawberries is doing well:
Look at the size of the berries:
Spinach...ah, how we love spinach (lamb's quarters, the weed, is edible too):
Radishes down the middle of the broccoli:
A close-up of a floret forming in the broccoli:
The dog...next to the onion beds and the comfrey and horseradish:
More comfrey...and dog butt anyone? Where are the chickens?
The blueberries are blooming:
Another view of the blueberries, with strawberries as ground cover:
Third view of blueberries, on a different (and sunnier) day:
ARGH! Bamboo invasion!
Choi sum seedlings, in a bed with more lettuce and spinach.
See chicken...
See chicken stay away from dog...
Our pride-and-joy asparagus bed - the one that actually produces well:
This is the volunteer cilantro that decided to keep the asparagus company:
The yellow raspberry plants that another dear friend, C, gave us:
Tools of my trade: the dandelion tool, the wire weeder, and the circle hoe. Don't leave the garden shed without them.
"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams