Monday, November 19, 2012

Does this dress make me look...Asian?

My friend Michelle was talking to my sister Monica on Goodreads about a Chinese dress called a (phonetically transcribed) "cheong sam," which translates into "long clothing."

We mentioned that we have these Chinese dresses, and Michelle wanted to see what they looked like. I had to find and scan in photos from my past where I was wearing a cheong sam (there's not been an occasion for me to wear one in a loooong time). Luckily, I used to actually put photos in photo albums that were *gasp* well-labeled.

This first pic is of me at my high school dinner/dance (which other places would call a prom, but not my idiotic high school). Good gravy...I had a lot of baby fat still at 18.
This second picture is from my wedding banquet (the typical Chinese 10 course meal).
Both of the cheong sam dresses I was wearing were my mom's. I still have them but haven't tried them on in years. Maybe I'll try them tomorrow just for fun. (update: or not)

Do you have any special clothing from your culture? Do tell!

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