Monday, February 25, 2013

One of these eggs is not like the others

Sung to that Sesame Street tune. Just look at that egg, next to its regular-sized compatriots:
Seriously, that dude barely fit into the egg carton:
I pity the poor hen that popped that one out of her butt. And, you might have guessed, it turned out to be a double-yolker!

We currently have 12 hens and 1 rooster, and they sport interesting names like most of our chickens had. The rooster is named "Average" because we had three roosters, and he was the "average one." Our hens are Dino, Tawny, Nazgul, Styrene, Tethys, Squinch, Popcorn, Grievous, Glaux, Brody, Ferrous, and Pigeon.

Pigeon is one that we'd hatched out in an incubator after a raccoon killed most of our chickens last August. She imprinted on Son1 and acts like a kid, following us around and trying to talk to us. She also jumps up on your arm by gesture-command"
We love our chickens the way some people love their dogs (the ones we don't eat, that is; the ones we do eat, we love them like people love their fancy Sunday dinners).

Do you keep chickens? Does your town (if you live in a city) allow you to keep chickens? Here're some great chicken resources for you to check out if you're in need of more info:
Community Chickens
Living Homegrown - this talks about all aspects of urban gardening, not just raising chickens, but Theresa has a lot of great posts about chickens too

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