Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Soap talk

I first got obsessed with making soaps about 10 years ago. Back then, the kids were younger (and cuter and sweeter, possibly...but I digress), and I didn't want to get into lye and hot oils. So, I started with melt and pour soaps, and made some pretty cool soaps if I say so myself.
sushi soap with ginger and wasabi should see the cute nori pattern!
But recently, after the kids have grown (it happens so fast...waaah), I decided to make good old-fashioned lye soap. It's a bit of work but I love the results. Most of all, I love the different scents I can try out when making my own soaps.
a mess on my table

Christmas Spice scent

Jade scent

soaps I made in the spring

close up of the cut Christmas Spice soap

top rack has the 3 recent batches of soaps
If you're interested in making old-fashioned soaps, there are a lot of YouTube videos to follow. I also recommend the products from Bramble Berry (and their Soap Queen blog). Their products are reliable and excellent quality. The micas and glitter I used in the soaps are from Mad Mica, another company I highly recommend for great service and quality.

Would you try making soaps if you don't already?

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