Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moisturizing soaps for your dry, coming-off-winter skin!

Dragonfly motif honeyed lemon verbena soapFrog shaped honeyed lemon verbena soap

The boys finally made them: honeyed lemon verbena soaps! Tadpole #1 cut and melted the soap base (as well as stirred in the lemon verbena, and poured the soap into the molds...pretty much everything), and Tadpole #2 crushed our homegrown, dried lemon verbena so that it could be incorporated well. 

This is a thoroughly yummy soap that looks like amber with plants embedded in it. Please click on thumbnails above to see the full-sized photos.

A large bar with dragonfly motif costs $3.00

A smaller frog shaped bar costs $2.00

This soap, due to its being glycerine and containing honey, is very gentle on your skin, yet also lathers up beautifully.

To be honest, by the time we give some away to relatives and friends, there may not be any left. But, we're eager to try some different "styles" of MP soaps, as well as cold-process soaps, so we may have more to sell in the future...unless the boys decide they want to take up carpentry instead and go off in another creative direction. :)