Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Soaps, soaps, soaps, and some cookies

Sorry, no sage, deep thoughts this week, but I believe they have some on sale half-price at the local Super-Valu.

I was trying to rid the sweet potato sap from my hands after sous chefing yesterday (didn't know sweet potatoes had sap, did you?), and while scrubbing my hand for minutes on end, it occurred to me that we have a lot of really terrific soaps in the house. I once asked Joanna, who is a much bigger soap addict than I am, how she manages to use all the great soaps she gets, because I'd love to use them all as soon as I buy them, but I can only use so many at a time, and the rest sit patiently in my bathroom closet waiting to be the next chosen one.

So, what do I have going right now? Starting at my sink, I have Lemongrass Clay soap from Vintage Fresh Soaps and Shower Butter in Pamplemousse from Twin Birch Bath and Body (don't ask why I have shower butter next to my sink, but let me tell you, that stuff is fabulous!).

Moving next door into the full bath, and dh's sink, we have Birch Bark Soap's Plum Spice soap, Product Body Lab's Mocha Espresso soap, Product Body's Crush On You in Yuzu, Twin Birch Bath and Body's Pamplemousse soap, and a bar of I-forget-what soap (but it's very mild) by Savonara.

In the kitchen, I have Under the Willow Gift Shoppe's Bennington Maple Sugar soap. Next door in the laundry room, I have Twin Birch Bath and Body's Starry Night Foaming Hand Wash, and Savonara's Soapstone Hand Soap.

Downstairs, I have one of Birch Bark Soap's sample bars, which I can't remember the flavor of right now, and Gassner Customer Soaps' Organic Foamy Soap in Lemongrass.

Waiting in the wings is Spotted Cow Soaps' Fruit Tonic Whipped Soap for my facial cleansing.

It's officially cookies season again, at least in my house. I made one of the guys' favorite yesterday: gingerbread drop cookies. Here's the dough:And here are the cookies:Yummy!

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." ~ Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)