Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday...recipes

Yup...I'm weird, and I like to shake things up, but not by too much. Heh

Dh took out some ground beef (they're from Belted Galloway cows that our friends raise on their farm), so I made some burger patties. It occurred to me that the marinade recipe that my mom taught me eons ago has served me well. I used this to season pork and beef to use in burgers, dumplings, and this goulash-y type dish that is the one dish I know how to cook well. I thought that you might be interested in it too. It definitely makes burgers more interesting.Teresa's Mom's Marinade
for 1 pound of ground beef:
1/4 tsp white pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
a dash of sugar
1.5 tsp cornstarch
5 Tbsp soy sauce (we use low sodium)

Work well into the ground beef.

I never measure these ingredients, and you can certainly alter them to suit your taste (for example, I use lots more garlic powder than 1 tsp). Mom normally doesn't use sugar with beef, but I happen to like the subtle sweetness. She does use more sugar if it's pork. So if the recipe uses a pound of ground pork, I'd add 1 tsp of sugar.

The cornstarch seems to help hold the meat together and make it less runny if you're cooking it on the stove.

Here are the patties all made up (on the scary...I mean, snazzy...70s yellow plate we inherited from my in-laws):And, finally, tasty cheeseburgersserved on these home-made buns:Interestingly, the marinade doesn't make it taste too "oriental".

The other recipe I want to share with you is one that I've made once, but from the Mother Earth News variation of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe. This variation is from King Arthur Flour. Isn't it beautiful?It's nearly as tasty as my UBC cinnamon buns, but a whole heckuva lot easier to make!

You can find this terrific recipe here: Ridiculously Easy No-Knead Sticky BunsEnjoy! I might make these this weekend myself. Mmmmm...

Do you have a favorite recipe passed down from your mom (or dad)? Would love to see you do a blog post on that!

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