Monday, September 07, 2009

A birthday wish, and a bevy of goodies

Firstly, it's dh's birthday today...47 and every bit as adorable as when I married him 20 years ago. And he's such a hard working dude too. It may be his birthday, but instead of sitting around wanting to be treated like a king, he spent the morning weeding and harvesting with the kids, and, now, after lunch, he went to the office to work for a couple of hours even though he didn't have to teach today.

We'll probably go out for his birthday dinner tomorrow, but tonight, I'm making him one of his favorite desserts: creme caramel (recipe courtesy of our wonderful neighbors...have I mentioned yet how glad I am the previous owners moved to the East Coast?).

We've been having lots of fun with ceramics lately. We made some new and different things that we're quite happy with. I created a tree shaped container:You lift the leaf lid and the trunk of the tree is a cavity in which you can store jewelry or whatever treasure you want!

Ds#2 made, with his teacher's help, a pen/pencil holder; the Old Brick glaze is quite attractive:
Ds#1 decided to make a stylized earth star bowl. For those of you not mycologically-inclined, earth stars are a type of fungus (puff balls, in fact).
Not to be out-done by us, dh cooked up some wild Alaskan salmon for dinner on Saturday. He made his own charmoula sauce, and whipped up his usual yummy Greek salad:
I know you never get tired of looking at our tomato photos...hah!And from these tomatoes, we canned another 14 quarts of sauce.What else have I been working on? Well, after seeing the cutest post at Lorie's Be Different Act Normal blog, I decided to whip up a bandana apron myself. Haven't gotten too far yet. I put some pleats in the black bandana for the bodice and attached it to bottom half. I am a messy person in the kitchen, and if I didn't have a bodice on my apron, I may as well not wear one at all.
And speaking of aprons, go check out and enter Amber's Ambry's 200th post giveaway!

All right, last but not least, and then I have to get back to reading the biology textbook and lab manual (for the lab class that I'm leading for some homeschool teens, including ds#1...again, many thanks to Meg!!)...we made and froze another 9 pints of pesto. Here the boys are, "de-foliating" the basil that dh picked and I washed:
I hope those of you who have Labor Day off today are having a wonderful holiday weekend! Are you doing something fun and out-of-the-ordinary?

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams