Saturday, September 26, 2009

Food, kids, upcoming giveaways

It's officially Autumn - both climatologically and astronomically - and because the weather is cooling, I'm back to happily baking, starting with Coconut-Cranberry Chews (thanks to Abby for the recipe!)I'm making tiramisu today, using the sponge cake recipe from the King Arthur Flour cookbook, and Lavender Soap's mascarpone topping recipe.

Last week, our friend, Carol, gave us some concord grapes. The harvest wasn't great this year, but there was enough to attempt a juice recipe I saw in Mother Earth News. Since we'd run out of quart jars from canning 80+ jars of tomatoes, I had to make do with other jars we still had left. But, aren't they cuuute? Egassner might recognize the smaller jars as the ones she'd canned tuna in (very yummy tuna it was too!).Here's the recipe by Suzanne Mullins of Charlottesville, VA:
Measure 2 cups of whole stemmed grapes into a quart jar.
Add 1 cup of sugar (more or less to taste)
Fill the container with boiling water.
Process it for 10 minutes in a water-bath canner.
6 weeks later, strain out the liquid, dilute this concentrate by half with water, and you'll have 2 quarts of ready-to-drink grape juice.

Speaking of cuuute, here are the teens (ds#1 is the hunched one to the left...egads that kid has bad posture) doing the biology lab - thanks, Meg for passing along your lab stuff and your knowledge!!! - that I'm running for them this year.
On Friday when dh had a late day, I made anchovy pizzas for dinner (using the dough recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day), and I also made bleu cheese dressing for the salad made with lettuces and greens from our garden. This is a bleu cheese dressing recipe from dh's mom that I've never tried before. It turned out really well! Here it is, in the little blue bowl that used to belong to my dear MIL, and the recipe in her own handwriting:As for the giveaway, the prize will be this handmade (by moi!) bone-motif ceramic bead. But, you'll have to come back mid-week for details. Yes, I'm a tease."I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams