Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home, home(schooling) on the range...

...where we learn that in North America, we don't have antelope (they're pronghorn; antelopes are in Africa) or buffalo (they're bison; buffalo are in Asia).

I also learned that there is such a place called "Cornell College". I had always assumed that when I say "Cornell" (as in, ds#1 took a bird biology course from Cornell), or when I see "Cornell" (as in, Carl Sagan was a long-time professor at Cornell), that they mean the one and only Cornell University. Imagine my surprise to hear about Cornell College, which is in Iowa, not Ithaca, NY. Learn something new every day.

We're 2/3 of the way through the Prentice Hall Biology labs, which the teens seem to be enjoying so far. :) I swear the moms get more excited than the kids do, though, when an experiment works. We'll reconvene in mid-January, giving the kids a well-deserved break over the holidays.

On to more photos from 2004!

The kids were taking tennis in the summers. Here's ds#1 working on his back-hand:and ds#2 muddling through:
The Asian Culture Center at Indiana University offers half-day summer camps every year. The boys are hard at play making masks with the other campers:
More reading in their spare time:
There are many interesting limestone caves in our area; here we are at McCormick Creek State Park (I think; dh will correct me if I'm wrong).
On a field trip to the Indiana State Museum:
The boys peeling eggs for deviled eggs. Not sure why that's so amusing, but, apparently, it is.
Slave labor! The boys helping to harvest carrots and other things.
Playing with their best friends:
The guys with one of our watermelons that was bigger than their heads:
Marbleworks was one of their favorite games (before evil Wii came into our lives).
Carrie (Under the Willow Gifts) may recognize this place - Sidling Hill in western Maryland. We always pass by on our way to visit dh's relatives.
And speaking of relatives, here's one of our favorite aunts (always has a good toy to amuse the boys) from western MD:
Our friend C's mom has a little vineyard in her backyard. It may be little, but in a good year, it produces tons of fruits. 2004 was one of those bumper years. This was the crop we got after C and her family had already had their fill. The boys were helping us process them.
Here's my goofy son #1 with a couple of his creations, a wind-sock made from a plastic food tub and a puppet made with a paper towel tube, a toilet paper tube and chenille stems. I miss those days when that's all it took to make them smile like this. ;)
Next homeschooling post: more photos, and a look back on what they've learned and what else we need to do for the 2009-2010 homeschool year.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams