Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too much socks & violets (Random Tuesday edition)

Because no good deed goes un-pun-nished. Yes, thank you for your groans. ;) I dedicate the title to Sherrie (Twenty-Two Pleasant) because she said one can never have too many puns!

I thought I'd write one longish post to share photos plus a few random thoughts before I take a leave of absence to spend quality time with my sister while she's visiting.

First up, photos. I hope my sister's friend, B, doesn't read my blog regularly because my sis commissioned me to knit B a pair of baby socks as a present for her baby shower. Cute, no?I also knitted a little hat but forgot to take photos today, so will show the socks that I'm making for me instead. Not as cute.This African violet (that I've posted a photo of previously) is still blooming like mad. The bottom of the plant is all wobbly and looks like it's about to die, but the top looks like this, as fresh as a daisy...or violet....
My numba one son is going to turn 14 in a week. Wow, where did the time go, and why does he look so much older when I look exactly the same as I did 14 years ago (ahem)? Here he is doing his biology lab.And what's he doing in his biology lab? Dissecting squids, among other things. I hope he'll go into medicine after all this stuff I have to put up with in my kitchen.We got the results back from his CAT-5 test for grade 10. He took the test for grade 7 back in June because he had just finished grade 7 (that was the grade he would have finished had he been in public school). Since he scored in the 90+ percentile in pretty much everything, I thought he should take the test for a few grades above his to see where he might be lacking. Weeeell, as it turn out, he's not lacking in a heckuva lot of areas. I think I'll have him take the grade 11 test this coming June. Surely, something in grade 11 or 12 may stump him. (No wonder he always acts like he's smarter than I am...)
Before I close up, here are a few random thoughts:

* There is such a thing as being too nice.

* I get a little tired of posting comments that disappear - either due to my own fault (because I turn off the computer without remembering that I was in the middle of commenting), the fault of cyber-gremlins that eat comments, or maybe the fault of the recipient.

* I think I would much rather be Patsy than Edina.

* Some people's friendship elevate me to a higher plane and make me a better person by association.

* Gretchen Rubin is right: do it for yourself; don't expect gold stars.

And finally:I may occasionally post something, and I will definitely continue to post regularly in my Project 365 blog, but for my own sanity, I need to feel like I don't have to blog regularly here.

By the way, I am loving my spec-fic writing course from the Gotham Writer's Workshop! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a rigorous course in any writing genre.

Toodles, everyone, and stay warm...except for those of you lucky enough to live in CA! ;)

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams