Sunday, February 07, 2010

Go ahead, make me happy...

Stace, the witty brains behind the funny and fascinating (in a good way, Stace!) blog "Stace's Space", gave me this award on Thursday when I was having a really down day. It helped to perk me up, so thank you with all my heart, Stace!

The rules of this Happy Award are to list 10 things and 10 blogs that make you happy.

Here goes...

1) my mom surviving her latest near-death experience. Having myelodysplastic syndrome (a type of leukemia) and a compromised immune system means that life is always on the edge, and because she had been in poorer health than usual (needing platelet transfusion every other day when she gets her dialysis), we were very worried she wasn't going to make it. Luckily, my dad had the foresight to bring her to ER after her dialysis on Tuesday (despite the fact that her doctors all said she didn't need to go) because he sensed that something was really not right, so that when she went downhill fast, she was already in the hospital where they could take care of her right away. Turned out she had pneumonia, but after having her lungs drained and tubes to help her breathe, she is doing much, much better.
2) dh's cooking - he made this amazing tasting venison bbq the other night...3) my sister's visits (she arrives on Wednesday)
4) the boys when they are polite and agreeable
5) sunny days
6) sleeping in
7) doing creative things such as writing, drawing, crafting...
8) when people listen to my advice
9) curling up by the fire with a good book
10) life in general - to say I have a good life is an understatement (now if I could only be less grumpy)

Blogs - I'm purposely not repeating the ones I gave an award to not too long ago, but trust me when I say that those make me very happy also:

~ Ocean Treasures - Alli's posts are informative and fun; I learn so much without even realizing it.
~ Florian Cafe - Douglas is a brilliant poet; I'm often lukewarm about poetry, but his are amazing! I will soon be the proud owner of his wonderful Dinothesaurus book.
~ Ever So Sweet - I'm all about food, so what better than Ms. P's all about food blog? Plus, it's desserts...even better.
~ * - another blog that thrills and educates me. It's hard for me to describe; you have to visit it yourself.
~ Garden Fresh Living - Theresa is not only a knowledgeable gardening celebrity, but is also very nice.
~ an open [sketch]book - Suzanne = talent. Her art is incredible and inspires me!
~ Imagine and Create - Another super talented artist, Annie's photography and art always take my breath away. Remember those gorgeous bookmarks I bought from her? I can't wait to get her new "Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out" book.
~ Let Me Think On It - Teri's family is a dream family: from her hubby to cooks for her (like mine!) to her really nice and funny and cool kids.
~ The Soap Bar - 2 words: Soap Porn, baby! Ok, that was 3 words. Jo also posts helpful soaping tutorials that introduced me to the nicest soapers.
~ Get In, Hang On, Take 2 - if I had a dollar for every one thing that I've learned from Meg, I could fly her to a swanky restaurant in NYC for lunch!
~ Much of a Muchness - Diane is uber multi-talented and I honestly don't know where she gets the time to hone all her crafts because she's often out jet-setting in exotic locale. Envy this lady; I do!
~ Inspired by... - A very happy blog if I ever saw one! Guaranteed to make you smile.

I've listed more than 10, but who's counting? Plus, just so nobody feels pressured to play along, I'm not going to notify anyone. :)

Now, really, I mean it this time, I'm going to go on blog-vacation for a while...

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams