Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Another peek at the garden

Dh finished reading the current issue of Mother Earth News yesterday and put it down with a sigh. "Except for that one article on raising a family dairy cow, not much that I don't already know in all the other articles," he said. I smiled proudly at him and said, "you've been gardening seriously for about 18 years now and have read a lot of books and articles in many magazines during that time; no wonder you've learned nearly everything you need to know!"

Me, I have no such problem. With my poor memory and lack of the depth (and breadth) of reading dh does, it's all new and wonderful to me. I may have discovered the secret to a continual child-like delight in the world. ;)

Anyway, on to the good stuff: photos! I was out weeding the other day, and took before and after photos. The onion bed before weeding:The onion bed after weeding:Little green apples in one of our apple trees:
The tomatillo plant that hadn't been put into the ground yet:
Eggplants, waiting to be planted too:
Wild blackberries all over our property:
A view of our garden, facing west:
Face south-west:
Remember this bed from my previous gardening post?Well, here it is, now, all grown up! Choi sum, lettuce mix, and spinach.
Tomato seedlings looking puny in their re-mesh cages, but they will spill over the top in a few months:
The potatoes have really taken off:
Beets. Pretty and edible - tops and bottoms.
Ahhh, broccoli! We froze many pounds last night.
Pepper seedlings (mulched with our leaves) looking puny in their cages, just like the tomatoes! Dh uses normal tomato cages for peppers and made his own giant re-mesh cages for the tomatoes because normal tomato cages have never been able to handle the size and weight of a healthy tomato plant.
Cabbages are beautiful but don't do that well for us in the spring (too hot too fast):
Frisee, cabbage and gai lan:
Garlic galore:
More onions (sweet white, sweet red, and yellow storage):
Walking onions - we never seem to use them, so if any townies are reading this, please feel free to ask us for some:
And last but not least, our friend, C, gave us a couple of chickens...and that brings our current number up to 5. But, since stupid Gaia thinks she's broody, she's not been laying for a while now.

We've not named these ladies yet because if they don't produce, they might just be accompanying some dumplings at some later date:
"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams