Monday, September 23, 2013

Children of the corn...and tomatoes, and eggplants, and...

It was a good summer for green beans, even with the deer mowing down an entire bed of it. We froze many, many quart bags, and canned 14 quart jars of it so far. And there are more to come! It's exhausting work, even with four of us, but we'll be so happy to have it in the winter.
Canned green beans and tomato sauce
And if you hadn't guessed yet from the photo above, we're having a good year of tomatoes too, which is kind of surprising since it's been a generally cool summer. Yes, the white lids are Tattler lids. Now that hubby has read the directions and used them properly, they work great and no BPA!
More gratuitous photos of canned tomato sauce
We also had a bumper crop of wild blackberries (not wild black raspberries though). I froze a bunch and made my first ever blackberry jelly using Robin Edmundson's A Simple Jar of Jam e-book!
Beautiful blackberry jelly
Not everything from the garden was processed for future use. We ate a ton of stuff too, mostly summer squash and eggplants.
Scrambled eggs from our chickens to go with the squash-eggplant medley 
I'd forgotten we had a great crop of strawberries too this year, but while adding photos for this post, I found a picture I took in the spring of one of our many harvests.
Red and delcious
How did your garden do this year? Was it a good summer for growing where you live?

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