Monday, November 18, 2013

Guess the tree

We have a tree in our yard that we'd never thought of eating the fruit of previously. We got this tree as a sapling from hubby's parents' front yard where its parent grew big and beautiful for years.

You can click on this first photo to enlarge it and see if you can guess what tree it is by its leaves and bark.
If that didn't help, here's the fruit of this tree that we recently realized we could eat. Son1, who's been studying trees extensively for the past year and a half, found out.
The fruit looks a bit lichee-like but tastes more like a cherimoya. Did that help?

Another hint would be: it's not a native species, though there is a native equivalent. Son1 is usually against non-native flora and fauna, but this particular tree is not invasive and does produce an edible fruit so he's letting us keep it. ;)

If you still don't know what it is, scroll down a bit to the answer.

So what about you? What new and interesting fruit or food have you tried recently?


This tree is a.....

Korean, or Kousa, Dogwood!

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