Saturday, May 24, 2008

And speaking of indie products (from a few days ago)

I just got around to using Soapalaya Soaps' Gentle Facial Cleanser, which I had bought a couple of months back, and my goodness, do I ever love it! The first night I used it, I thought the skin on my face felt extra smooth and soft. Since I had had a bit too much pom-tini than I normally do, I thought I could have imagined it. But, when I used it the next morning and again in the evening, I really could tell that my skin was noticeably softer after each use. I'm astounded because while I usually good (often organic) products on my face, this really was the first time I'd actually felt a difference in my skin.

On the doggie front (Marlon Brando isn't in this...haha...oh wait, is anyone else reading this old enough to remember the reference of my silly pun joke? You know, Eva Marie Saint, a very slim and good looking Brando?), I used the Portland Pointer Dog Shampoo from Twin Birch Bath and Body on the dog a couple of days ago, and oooooh: the scent was mah-velous and it lathered very well. Gali actually smelled extremely good for a change...and it lasted a whopping 6 hours before she rolled in chicken poop again. Farm dogs *sigh*. Luckily, her fur remains really soft after the shampooing. :)
Thanks for a kewl product, Heather; can't wait to try the other dog shampoos in the four-pack!

And last, but not least, you remember the Lilac Romance soaps the boys made? I kept one of them for myself (the one with the Chinese character because the filling of lines didn't turn out quite right), and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Bramble Berry sells such high quality things. The pink hasn't oozed out of the soap at all (unlike this other homemade mp soap we bought locally recently where the yellow kept leaching out of the soap), and the scent has remained strong, but not in that over-powering way, and true. It pays to use high quality ingredients in one's products.

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~ Anatole France (1844 - 1924)