Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Gardening Edition

I know everyone and his/her dog are talking about what they are growing right now, but I'm going to too because 'tis Spring and a homesteader's thoughts turn to gardening fancy.

To complement this whole gardening post, I've added a "garden seeds" (Hometown Seeds) link on the right hand side, and I invite everyone to check out Theresa Loe's amazing gardening blog, Garden Fresh Living.

On our little homestead, dh has been busy planting and tending (while I sit on my fat duff and write stupid blog posts about it). Here he is, watering the broccoli seedlings:
Dh is trying a biodegradable corn-starch based cover to cut down on weeds. He's growing cabbage and broccoli through the cover.
I checked on our asparagus; alas, nothing is up yet.
Hmmm, the blueberries aren't doing much either:
Inside the greenhouse is a different story. Here are some kale that have over-wintered (among the weeds):
Dh started some (more) broccoli from seeds, along with celery, frisee, and red cabbage. Can't remember what the other trays were. Will have to ask him and come back to fill in. My mind is like a sieve. It's sad.
Here's ds#1 picking cilantro from the greenhouse. The tall stuff growing with the cilantro are leeks.
A close-up of the very cute leeks:
This is one of the fruit trees that we need to put into the ground; it's a nectarine. The others are a peach and a cherry.
More seedlings in the greenhouse, from left to right: choi sum, bok choi (which didn't germinate well, so there's hardly any there), and radishes.
And a peek at our house in its drab winter surroundings. The little plot you see in the foreground is what we call the small northern garden.
Well, that's it for now, folks. Not too exciting yet unless you're out there knee-deep in dirt doing the work. I forgot to mention that dh also planted carrots and beets. They're not the best spring crops; they do better in the fall when there's a much longer cool period for them to develop lots of sugar. But, it'll still be nice to have a few in the spring.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams