Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How does our garden grow?

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Thinking about the nursery rhyme leads me to suspect that Mary wasn't the one being contrary; it was probably the garden pests who were contrary!  (Unless, of course, you take it as the political allegory that it is and from the view point of Elizabeth I, Mary was rather contrary; but I hate talking politics.)

All sorts of things conspire to make your garden a failure: rabbits, voles, aphids, caterpillars, chipmunks, and, yes, even birds.  They blithely nibble on your plants and berries, snipping off and killing young shoots before they have a chance to realize their dreams of becoming a full-blown plant.  The garden is a sad, rough place to raise a seedling.

Still, we persist, year after year.  Or hubby persists, and the kids and I help to nurse his eternal optimism.

So to answer "how does our garden grow", I thought I'd show some photos of the progress.  I think I took these photos Tuesday morning (June 7th).  These are by no means all of our garden beds.  Some are still empty (well, maybe just one or two are), and some I just didn't take close-ups of (example, cucumbers, squash, grapes).

A sweeping view of the south garden, outside of the main fenced garden. Our dilapidated chicken tractor is at the left-hand side. Hubby fixed it now though, so I'll have to show a photo of his handiwork some other time.
Looking inside our main fenced's hard to take in all 27 beds in there at once:
The bib lettuce, co-existing with the frisee:
The lettuce, nearly bolting, with some beets in the foreground, not quite big enough yet. Interspersed are dill that keep self-seeding in our garden.
Speaking of self-seeding, here's a volunteer lamb's quarters:
The cabbages are doing beautifully...
In fact, dh used one for cole slaw:
...but the broccoli is just getting started:
One day soon, we'll get some peas:
More frisee, cohabiting with the celery this time:
The asparagus are still going strong, amazingly:
as are our garlic, which won't be ready for harvest for another month:

Our strawberries are pretty much done:
But other things are just getting started, such as eggplants:
and sweet potatoes:
Regular potatoes:
Lima beans:

And green onions - front - (this is the half bed inside the main garden, and not the six beds outside the fenced area) and basil - back:
Dh made some yummy meals again. This was a faux gyros with brown rice instead of pita, and our tomato sauce instead of chopped tomatoes (since our tomatoes haven't ripen yet).  Complete with my homemade Greek yogurt and homegrown asparagus:
This was just using up some left over dilly new potatoes.  Dh made a homefries sort of concoction, topping it with one of our eggs.
We're actually low on eggs right now.  The heat shut most of the chickens down, and one hen went broody so she's not laying.  *&^% freeloaders.  We might have to dispatch with this current group and get a bunch of new ones.  Unfortunately, ds#1 is rather attached to one of the hens, Licorice...actually most of the hens except for Four of we may have to keep them for longer.  I never knew he was quite so sentimental. 

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams